PUBG Tera Event Announced for March on All Platforms

Tera players of level 60 or higher can participate.


​A PUBG and Tera collaboration event was revealed Friday by developers. Tera is a free-to-play MMO and will feature missions to play in Tera for PUBG cosmetics.

PUBG Tera Collaboration

​​The 30-day event will begin March 5 when PUBG players can play games on Tera to enjoy PUBG-themed battles and earn special cosmetics on their PUBG account.

“Every day during the event, for two hours each day, level 70 PUBG Tuwangis guardians and soldiers will spawn throughout Northern Arun while supply crates parachute drop in from the sky,” the post read. “Smash the crates or beat down the Tuwangis for event rewards of crates, keys, event consumables, and Battle Points, which players can trade in for exclusive PUBG helmets.”

Tera players of level 60 or higher can participate. “Log in for at least an hour every day during the event for daily rewards of keys and crates,” it said. “Earn even more keys, crates and Battle Points doing what TERA players usually do — battling bosses and completing dungeons.”

The event will start March 5 and end on April 5. A ​PUBG Mobile and Resident Evil 2 event recently went live for players that featured new cosmetics and Resident Evil 2 antagonists.

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