Two Turkish teachers are on the verge of being forcibly deported to Turkey

Two Turkish teachers were detained, border guard are persistent in deportation.


Two men, teachers Samet Güre and Salih Fidan with Turkish citizenship, arrived in the city of Rava-Ruska, in the Lviv region, where they celebrated the New Year in the city square together with the local population.

During the celebration, law enforcement agencies detained Samet Güre and Salih Fidan. The teachers were detained on suspicion of an illegal attempt to cross the state border.

According to Salih Fidan, they were taken to the court, where they were forced to sign a statement that they would accept their guilt, but on condition that they return back to the city of arrival, Erbil.

According to the information received, the men were detained on December 31 and transferred to Kyiv Boryspil International Airport, where they are up to this day.

Then Samet Güre and Salih Fidan bought tickets to Erbil in transit through Dubai, but after they passed passport control they were not allowed to board their plane, and the border service forced them to board Istanbul flight.

Güre: “We are sure that the forced deportation to Turkey was provoked by the actions of the Turkish embassy. In Turkey, opposition-minded people die in prisons from torture and ill-treatment. We do not want to return to Turkey, we want to return to Erbil, or in case of extremity are ready to emigrate to Ukraine.” said.

Samet Güre said: “My name is Samet Güre and my name is Salih Fidan. We came to Ukraine and we had a ticket to Dubai, and from Dubai to Erbil, but the soldiers force us to go to Turkey. They said that, at 8 o`clock we have a flight to Dubai, but they say lie, and we checked everything and there is no flight. We know that they are forcing us to go to Turkey. Now we are seeking for asylum, we were talking with all these soldiers behind us. They are waiting there. But they do not let us write anything about it, we could not talk with their head, and they are forcing us.”

At the moment, Samet Güre and Salih Fidan are forced to be deported to Turkey. Samet Güre and Salih Fidan are supporters of the Gülen movement and are worried for the persecution and repression that awaits them in Turkey. Samet Güre and Salih Fidan urge them to be allowed to return to Erbil.

By Yunus Erdogdu – Twitter @Erdogduy


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