Despite the agreed electoral alliance, AKP irks an MHP candidate in Kirhesir with their despicable conduct after posters are removed

Turkish citizens will be going to the polls on March 31 to vote in the local elections.


Election Season is in full swing in Turkey as parties clash in efforts to promote their own candidates.

Turkish citizens will be going to the polls on March 31 to vote in the local elections.

On Thursday, a mayoral candidate of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), claimed how AK Party (AKP) officials picked up their banners from the streets in an effort to promote their candidate.

This was in Kirsehir, a central province of Turkey.

The AKP, led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and MHP have agreed to an electoral alliance in fifty-one provinces out of eighty-one. This is in a bid to combine forces against strong opposition candidates. In the remaining provinces, the two parties will be rivals.

Onur Koksal, nominated as the mayoral candidate for Kirsehir by MHP, claimed how current AKP municipality officials collected nationalist party’s brochures, banners, and posters in the city.

He went further to blame some AKP officials for threatening the owner of a building where MHP’s flags were hung.

“That is immoral and illegal. Our patience is exhausted,” Koksal wrote on his official Facebook page, breathing fire to their “ally.”

The MHP nominated candidate noted he and his party members were committed to the alliance with AKP, as per the direction their party leader, Devlet Bahceli chose. But he lamented and asked, “what was going on in Kirsehir?”

“What does it mean to send men with official state vehicles and remove the brochures we payed [from our pockets],” he asked.

Koksal concluded: “Our patience has an end, indeed.”

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