MP Boyko stands for retrenching of MPs in parliament

The MP believes that the amendments to the Constitution should be made with the help of a referendum, but not the parliament


Ukraine should have the same number of MPs, as it has districts, in other words – 225. Yuriy Boyko, the presidential candidate from the political force ‘Opposition Platform-For Life’, said this in the interview with 112 Ukraine.

“This is the requirement of many people. There are 225 districts, so we should have the same amount of MPs. As far as I remember, people five or more times stated this over last month “The number of MPs should reduce, because how should we feed them?” And they were right”, – the MP said.

Boyko is sure that the amendments to the Constitution should be made with the help of a referendum, but not the parliament, which practically “lost people’s trust”. “Under such conditions, it goes without saying that any decisions should be made by people…when the parliament decides to go to NATO, EU or elsewhere, the parliament with 2% of people trust cannot take decisions concerning foreign affairs, on which depends the future of the country. It should be done with the help of referendum”, – the politician added.

Earlier, the majority of the Verkhovna Rada relies on the ideology very much that this desire for political realization makes them take the most stupid decisions.

According to Boko, the current parliament is unique, because the MPs were chosen during the military conflict. “In general, militants and the Ukrainian people believed that they chose those, who can protect the country. The quality of the parliament today is the lowest one. And when the question arose concerning a peaceful life, the economy, then the parliament just was not ready. Ideological radical things – yes, they still understand this, but economic changes- no, “- the politician stated.

Source: 112


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