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Twitter campaign launched for the release of Mortaza Behboudi: #FreeMortaza

French-Afghan Journalist Mortaza Behboudi Detained by Taliban for Two Months Sparks #FreeMortaza Campaign on Twitter


The hashtag #FreeMortaza is currently trending on Twitter as people worldwide demand the immediate release of French-Afghan journalist Mortaza Behboudi. Behboudi has been detained by the Taliban regime in Kabul for two months now, without any clear charges against him.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has launched a petition calling for Behboudi’s release, which you can sign at Today, on March 6th, supporters of Behboudi are sharing the hashtag #FreeMortaza on Twitter to increase awareness about his case and to pressure the Taliban regime to release him immediately.

Behboudi is a respected journalist who has worked for several international news outlets. His detention is a clear violation of press freedom and human rights. Join us in demanding the release of Mortaza Behboudi by using the hashtag #FreeMortaza on Twitter throughout the day. Let’s show the world that journalism is not a crime and that we stand in solidarity with all journalists who are being unfairly detained.

Example of tweets you can use : 

Mortaza Behboudi is a French-Afghan journalist who has been held by the Taliban regime for two months now. Sign the #FreeMortaza petition to call for his immediate release

Mortaza Behboudi, a celebrated journalist who is imprisoned by Taliban for two months now in Kabul, should be released immediately. Journalism is not a crime! #FreeMortaza

Mortaza Behboudi is a Franco-Afghan journalist who is unduly imprisoned by the Taliban in Kabul. He is a renowned professional and should be released immediately. #FreeMortaza Please sign the petition to show support:

Mortaza Behboudi, a celebrated journalist, is imprisoned by the Taliban for two months now. Until his release, we will not stop! #FreeMortaza

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