Scammers Continue to Target Victims with a Fake Business Partnership Scheme

Beware! Fake business partnership offers can jeopardize your personal and financial information.


With the widespread use of the internet and digital communication tools today, scammers have been devising new tactics. One of the recent surges in scam attempts involves luring people into fake business partnerships.

As an example of such fraudulent attempts, an email offer allegedly from Ukraine may be mentioned. In the email, the recipient is propositioned with a business partnership and is asked to share their personal information. However, these types of offers are typically fake and used to seek out victims.

Hello, I want to use this channel of communication to ask for your permission to be my business partner in your country,My name is Olena Igor from Ukraine. For your information, I lost my dear husband in the war front here in our country Ukraine. My late husband Yurris Igor worked with the Oil and Gas sector before his death left behind some wealth under my care, Due to the war and the sudden death of my husband, Yurris Igor, I want to relocate and invest in the Real Estate sector , perhaps, Hotel Management and other profitable investment sectors in your country will be welcomed.Upon your willingness, I will introduce you to my late husband’s lawyer who will assist us with the processing and documentations.Awaiting your quick response.Regards,Mrs.Olena Igor

Scammers often request that victims share their personal and financial information while promising significant financial gains or business opportunities. However, their real intention is to obtain the money or personal details of innocent individuals.

It’s important to exercise caution, especially when dealing with suspicious emails or communications offering business opportunities. Before opening or responding to any suspicious email, take the necessary steps to verify the identity of the sender. Additionally, carefully scrutinize any request for sharing personal or financial information.

If you suspect you are dealing with scammers, it is crucial to report the incident to the authorities and take action promptly. Being aware of scams and acting cautiously can help safeguard your personal and financial security.


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