Rebecca Harms Visited International Meridian School

Having been welcomed by the founder and administrators of International Meridian School, Rebecca Harms had a tour in the school obtaining infromation.


German Politician and representative of the European Parliament Rebecca Harms visited International Meridian School during her formal visits in Kyiv, capital of Ukraine.

Having been welcomed by the founder and administrators of International Meridian School,  Rebecca Harms had a tour in the school obtaining information.

One of the school administrators, Olena Tarashenko,  gave insight into the school and presented books consisting of activities of the school and students. Tarasenko indicated that they were trying to provide education in the EU values and standards with the initiative of Ukrainian Education and Science Ministry within the frame of new education reform.

Tarasenko stated that they realized variety of social projects besides educational activities, additional, they were working upon recycling, organizing regular welfare activities for elders and orphans, actualizing projects for feeding street animals and supporting the children of those families exposed to terrorism.


Students of the school made a presentation they had prepared to Harms giving detailed information about social activities they have took part in.

One of the school students, Alla Soroka, expressed that they did love their teachers and they knew they were always welcomed by their teachers when they needed to consult. Alla added that their teachers never hesitated to explain the points repeatedly in case the students needed. Alla Soroka emphasized that Meridian is not a usual school highlighting that she learnt not only her native language but also English and Turkish in a great level. Alla Soroka finalized her exchange drawing attention to that she returned from international Olympiads,in which she represented her country, gaining success and collecting medals.

Another student Liza Tretyakova remarked that she had started to study in Meridian Kindergarten once she had been 3 and had ceaselessly got education in Meridian for 14 years. Liza Tretyakova emphasized that she had caught leading universities` attention thanks to the quality education she took in Meridian.

One another student Dimitro Kolivay talked about such activities as math and logic contest, English,–DremECO Environment Olympiads, entertaining science, International Language and Culture Festival (IFLC), letter to mum.

Lastly, Anna Trincher expressed her gratefulness and specified that her teachers discovered her skills in music and art, so that she became a famous and popular singer and actress.

Harms stated she was impressed by the fact science and learning was carried out in an entertaining manner and love of learning is awarded to the students. Furthermore, Harms emphasised she was the member of The Green Party in the European Parliament, hence promotion of environmental consciousness was really vital.


Despite her tight schedule, Harms stayed in the school for two hours and had a closed door meeting with Irina Pruskovskaya, the founder of the school, Svetoslav Petrovic, the director of Nova Zirka Education Company, the representatives of SYAIVO, Ukraine-Turkey Culture Center and school teachers.


Harms issued a press statement and verbalized that she was impressed by the school and witnessed a very useful educational model emphasizing that this educational example should be spread-ed to world-wide and the number of these schools should be increased.

Speaking well of Meridian School, Harms said ` very unusual atmosphere exists in this school. I have noticed positive change in students` manner. I asked students what they feel about their teachers. All of them suddenly said `we love our teachers` and it sounded for me quite convincing. The students of this school love their teachers. If somebody had asked me what I feel about my teachers when I was in their age, I would never ever have said I love my teachers.`

Harms expressed her gladness to have visited Meridian School and added she would concern with the school closely and be in touch.


In Meridian which was founded in 2001 and depended on Education and Science Ministry of Ukraine, and which is a member of ECIS (European Council of International Schools) education is given in Ukrainian and English. Students might be registered to the kindergarten starting from 2 years old.

Meridian has got more than 500 registered students including kindergarten. 60% of the students are Ukrainian, the rest %40 embody in citizens of more than 30 different countries.

Yunus Erdogdu – Kyiv

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