Families angry as two people allegedly kidnapped are said to be in Turkish police custody, accused of links to the Gulen movement

The landlord is recorded as a witness in the paper in which a case number related to the detention was added to the file.


IT HAS been established that two Turkish citizens who disappeared on February 13 in Ankara are detained by the police.

There was a claim the two were kidnapped by a group of forty men.

This new development has been reported by Turkish news portal Medya Bold reported on Thursday.

The report said Selcuk Guntas, Ankara’s Public Prosecutor, confirmed the case, which reveals the police officers took testimonies of Yasin Ugan and Ozgur Kaya at their apartments on terror charges. That was before eyewitnesses saw them as their heads were bagged with black nylon bags when they were taken away.

Both are accused of being members of the Gulen Movement, classified by the Turkish government as lead perpetrators of the failed 2016 coup attempt.

Previously, Selda Ugan, the wife of Yasin Ugan, had appeared in a video message claiming her husband had been kidnapped by gunmen in plain clothes from an address in the Altindag district of Ankara.

“Without any luck, we have applied to the Ankara Police Directorate many times and have not been provided with any single information. I have no information about where and how he is. I and my children are too worried,” she said as she desperately appealed for help.

The Ugan and Kaya families submitted an application via email to Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) after claims of the kidnapping emerged. The families said the OHCR informed them it has started an appeal process to ask Turkish authorities the whereabouts of Yasin Ugan and Ozgur Kaya.

The police had previously denied the claims, confidently lying by saying the two are not in their custody, according to the families.

The “mystery” was slightly revealed after the prosecutor confirmed the case number of 2017/69394, according to the news report, stating the police searched an address at 1847th Street of Altındağ Çamlık neighborhood of Ankara, where Ugan and Kaya lived.

A police paper delivered to the prosecutor said both Ugan and Kaya were interrogated at their apartments, anonymous judicial sources told the news agency. Two hours later, their landlord was questioned after he was shown the photos of two missing people.

The landlord is recorded as a witness in the paper in which a case number related to the detention was added to the file.

Since the two were arrested by cops in plain clothes, questions and suspicion has been raised of the involvement of MIT, the Turkish Intelligence.

What has further irked the families and other critics is that after Ugan and Kaya were taken away, the police still refused to confirm detention.

Previously, many families in Turkey claimed their dissident relatives were kidnapped and unofficially interrogated and tortured at MIT headquarters in Ankara.

Unrecorded interrogations by MIT have increased in the last two years, the Human Rights Association (IHD) had said.

MIT hijacks alleged Gulenists from abroad and within the country to be taken to extrajudicial detainment centers, claimed a report received by the Council of Europe.

Source: ipa


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