Syrian family attacked by four masked men in the dead of night, leaving one person severely injured

A report by Turkish Diken said an immediate investigation has been launched by the police and they hunt down the suspects.


IT APPEARS the xenophobic attacks on Syrians in Turkey won’t end any time soon as locals see refugees as the reason for the high unemployment and economic hardships.

There are more than 3,5 million Syrians who have found a home in Turkey. In a recent incident in Istanbul’s Sultangazi districts, four masked men raided the house where a family of seven Syrians lives, one person was seriously wounded during the attack just after midnight, according to a family statement to the police.

The Syrian family lives on the ground floor of a building located in the neighborhood of Gazi. The family explained how the four assailants neutralised all of them and hit one of them. The family said they are baffled as they don’t know the reasons for the attack.

After the attack, the masked assailants ran away. The family then rushed to call the police and sought medical attention.

The medics who attended to the family said the one person who was severely hit on the head received urgent medical care and is in a critical condition.

A report by Turkish Diken said an immediate investigation has been launched by the police and they hunt down the suspects.

Turkish Evrensel Newspaper also reported how seven Syrian families received a threatening letter telling them to leave Mardin, a city that has the majority of ethnic Kurds and Arab citizens of Turkey residing there. The letter said they must leave in ten days.

“The esteemed house owner, if you don’t evacuate the house after ten days, the bomb attack will be organized to your house. The tube bomb will explode in the courtyard and next in the house. This is the first warning, and the second will come with hurting someone in your hose. We don’t want you in this neighbourhood. Leave the neighbourhood within ten days as soon as possible,” read the threatening letter.

Imat Ramazan (40), a Syrian refugee found the letter when he opened the garden door. Evrensel further reported how the four Syrian families found a warning letter in their house, as unknown people threw the letter under the door, and three families found a letter with bullets.

Syrians living in Turkey have previously been attacked by locals in many cities including Urfa, Adana, İzmir, Sakarya and Kahramanmaras. Two weeks ago there were attacked allegedly carried out by Turks on shops owned by Syrians in Istanbul’s Esenyurt district. The violent attack saw twelve people injured, according to reports in the local media.

Source: ipa


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