Klitschko signs Memorandum of Cooperation with Chamber of Industry and Innovations Israel-Ukraine

Vitali Klitschko emphasized that Safe City project as part of Kyiv Smart City System has been launched in Ukraine’s capital city four years ago.

Mayor Vitali Klitschko who chairs the Association of Ukrainian Cities took part in the 1st Israeli-Ukrainian Muni 2019 Municipal Summit and signed Memorandums on Cooperation with both the Chamber of Industry and Innovations Israel-Ukraine and the Union of Local Authorities in Israel.

Mayors and delegations from other Ukrainian cities-members of the Association, including Kharkiv, Dnipro, Chernihiv, Zhytomyr, Rivne, Vinnytsa, Mariupil, Obukhov and Vyshneve also participated in the Summit which was held during the Muni-Expo Technology Exhibition that showcases global solutions for Smart Cities and urban security.

“Urban security issue is most important for both our countries. As we are all aware, urban safety and security depends of many factors: starting from roads quality, street lighting, public transport and ending with cyberspace,” remarked Klitschko at the opening ceremony. “In modern world magnitude and the diversity of threats encountered by cities are continuously scaling up. So municipalities have to put every effort, committing all resources and up-to-date solutions to fight these threats. I am hopeful, today’s Summit will provide a platform to find innovative urban security solutions and help attract Israeli investments into technology projects in Kyiv, in Ukraine,” stressed Vitali Klitschko.

He emphasized that Safe City project as part of Kyiv Smart City System has been launched in Ukraine’s capital city four years ago. About 7,000 smart surveillance cameras operate within city surveillance network. This technology helped law enforcement agencies solve over 3,000 crimes over the last year.

“Introduction of Safe City initiative in Kyiv resulted in crime reduce by 37%. In particular, there is a 31% increase in the number of recovered stolen vehicles. Over 100 persons – both missing and criminals were tracked and found. 6,000 road accidents were captured,” told Klitschko.

Kyiv mayor attended and spoke in the panel discussion ‘Urban Security and Smart Cities in Ukraine: challenges and solutions. Israeli-Ukrainian Cooperation’.

Mayors of Israeli cities, government officials, diplomats, major Israeli business players, representatives of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel and the Chamber of Commerce Israel-Ukraine were also in attendance.

While in Tel Aviv, Klitschko met with CEOs of companies that offer municipal government technological solutions. In particular, he carefully examined a universal ‘smart’ platform which is purpose-designed to lodge all residents’ queries which are intended to improve the city services: utility, healthcare, rescue and many more. Negotiations over introduction of this tool into Kyiv Smart City system are already underway.

By Hafsa Gulnur Erdogdu


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