Graduates celebrate end of school year in Kyiv

Students were really joyful, because it was the last day of school.


Ukrainian schools dance and sing as they celebrate the end of their school year on Meridian International School in Kyiv, on May 31, 2019.

On May 31, 2019 Meridian International School had Last bell Celebration which was traditionally visited by high-rank guests.

Everyone gathered in school to have the last lesson in this academic year. The students began their day with a solemn line-up and concert where they showed their talents, received Certificates for their achievements in education and also we said good-bye to our 11-graders who soon will leave the school to go on in their studies.

Principal of Meridian International School Olena Tarasenko, “We wish to all our students only the best and hope to see them all next academic year after the summer filled with adventures and good rest!” said in the last bell.

Principal of Meridian International School Olena Tarasenko – Photo By Yunus Erdogdu

By Hafsa Erdogdu

Photo by Yunus Erdogdu – [email protected]


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