Tips to Attract Employers and Get Hired During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With this in mind, it's important to realize that you'll probably need to try different options apart from traditional job searching methods. Also, to attract employers' attention, you will have to upgrade your skills.


Losing your job during the pandemic puts you in a difficult situation. It is because as days pass, your savings will decrease, and doing essential things like buying groceries and paying the rent will become an uphill battle. In the same way, looking for a job and getting hired can be challenging if your skills do not meet employers’ demands.

With this in mind, it’s important to realize that you’ll probably need to try different options apart from traditional job searching methods. Also, to attract employers’ attention, you will have to upgrade your skills.

Given these points, if you’re going through unemployment, you can follow these tips to land a new job. They will not only help you to catch companies’ attention but also to be remarkable and increase your job opportunities.

Learn Cloud Computing Skills

Nowadays, every company wants to move to the cloud. It’s because cloud computing services provide organizations with security and accessibility. Given that, as data is becoming more precious for companies, the need for tech talents with cloud computing skills is increasing.

Cloud computing services like AWS allow tech professionals to use machine learning features to analyze and interpret information. In that case, data scientists can plan strategies and create better insights in less time.

On the other hand, cybersecurity specialists use cloud computing to implement best practices and keep companies’ information secure. With this in mind, they reduce the risks for data breaches, ransomware, and other cyber attacks.

It’s important to highlight that AWS is one of the most popular cloud services around the world. In that case, if you learn AWS skills, you’ll be able to out stand and convince employers to get hired. Coding Dojo is a company that offers a part-time web development course that allows you to learn AWS skills.

Coding Dojo has designed its programs to allow its students to become self-sufficient developers in only 16 weeks. Under those circumstances, you’ll be able to start the job-searching path before the cock crows.

Build a Portfolio

Having a portfolio is essential these days. It’s because no matter how impressive your resume can be if employers can’t see your actual abilities, you won’t get to convince them. Given that, you’ll have to build a portfolio and include even personal projects to attract their attention.

Tech talents, like web developers and UX/UI designers, use portfolios to show their abilities. In that case, they can not only demonstrate their level of expertise but also how exceptional their designs are. If you have no previous projects, you can start a new one to include it in your portfolio.

Update Your Skills

You may have the right skills to meet employers’ demands, but they can be obsolete. Nowadays, it’s indispensable to keep your skillset updated. With this in mind, if you believe that you have what’s necessary to get the job, there is no time to waste. Take control of the situation and do whatever it takes to refresh your abilities.

Starting a course, reading a book, or watching a video might help you to achieve your goals. In the same way, it’s vital to say that having your skills up to date allows you to stay relevant and competitive. For that reason, you’ll be able to overcome other competitors and get hired.

Enroll in a Recognized Coding Bootcamp

You have to remember that during the pandemic, you should be flexible. For that reason, it’s possible that to get hired you’ll need to look for vacancies in other sectors. With this in mind, it’s vital to say that enrolling in a coding boot camp could be a good option.

Coding boot camps have become very popular recently. It’s because they allow aspirants to learn new skills that help them meet employers’ demands. Most aspirants will be able to start the job-searching path within six months.

Also, some educational organizations have built strong relationships with world-class companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Condé Nast. In that case, after graduation, many students will have the opportunity to get the job they have always wanted.

App Academy is a company that offers courses in web development. The programs are designed to meet aspirants’ needs. For that reason, they are available online as well as in-person. Furthermore, they are available part-time and full-time, so creating a schedule to start learning won’t be a struggle.

Dealing with expenses can be difficult. Given that, App Academy offers discounts to its students so they can focus on what’s important: learning. To put it another way, if you’re going through difficult times and money is being a barrier, you will have no issues to start learning.

Learn In-Demand Programming Skills

Tech professionals were able to push companies forward during the coronavirus outbreak. For that reason, the demand for skilled candidates increased. In fact, tech talents like web developers helped companies to increase their sales as more customers used websites to buy products.

On the other hand, data scientists help organizations to make the right moves to remain competitive. Given that, employers have started a hunt for candidates with similar skills. Under those circumstances, it’s crucial to point out that Python is a programming language that allows data scientists to accomplish their work duties.

Consequently, learning Python programming skills will help you make employers feel engaged. Python allows developers to build cross-platform programs that help gather customers’ information. As a result, organizations can provide more personalized services by analyzing and visualizing that information.

On the other hand, JavaScript is a programming language that allows web developers to build more interactive websites. As a result, companies can attract and retain more users by providing unique user experiences.


As can be seen, following these tips will help not only to attract employers’ attention but also to convince them. As a result, you’ll be able to land a new job during the pandemic and over unemployment. In the same, it’s important to say that learning tech skills allow you to work from home. For that reason, you’ll not only be able to fill today’s employers’ needs but also to be ready for coming challenges.

By Artur Meyster


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