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Journalist Yunus Erdogdu received death threats from unknown persons

Turkish journalist under threat


Yunus Erdogdu, a journalist who published an article about Turkey’s arms trade in the Middle East and in other countries was threatened with death for his news.

Those who did not like the news about the Turkish arms trade threatened the journalist by phone.

Yunus Erdogdu, one of the correspondents of the first Turkish news portal, received death threats after his news on about interview with Nuri Gokhan Bozkır, a former captain of the Turkish Special Forces.

At 12.51 local time in Kyiv, journalist Erdogdu was threatened with death when he answered a call from the number (+7 909 622-53-53), registered in Moscow.

It was clear from the voice that the caller was a Turk: he called the journalist, and talked in Turkish with profanity, threated him with death and hung up.

When the journalist called back the indicated number, he heard in English: “The number you are calling is temporarily out of service.” The journalist could not find any information about the people who called him from Russia.

Before that, in May, after his reportage on the military operations carried out by the Turkish authorities in Libya, he also received a call with death threats from another number, registered in Georgia. The Georgian police carried out their own investigation to determine the owners of the mobile number (+99 559 369-53-53), but their search did was without any results.

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