Erdogan: Putin and I are the most experienced politicians!

Delivering a speech in Istanbul, Recep Erdoğan, the President of Turkey, reminded that he and Putin are present in the UN General Assembly the longest


On June 22, Recep Erdoğan, the President of Turkey, compared himself with Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, delivering a speech before the journalists, as TRT reported.

“There are two most experienced politicians – Putin and me. As we have served as presidents and prime ministers, me and Putin, we are in power for 15-16 years in a row,” the Turkish leader said.

Erdoğan noted that Turkey established an understanding with Russia concerning the Syria issue. And the President himself has developed “special relationships with Putin.”

Turkey’s President made a similar statement during his pre-election speech in Istanbul, as Aksam reported.

“Whom of the candidates (on the presidential elections in Turkey) are recognized by the world? How many world’s leaders have they met? I am among the politicians who are present in the UN General Assembly the longest. Yes, longer than anyone – me and Putin,” Erdoğan stressed.

Early presidential and parliamentary election take place in Turkey on June 24. Erdoğan will seek a second term. He served as Turkey’s PM from March 2003 to August 2014.

According to the amendments to the Constitution, introduced in 2017, the elected President simultaneously becomes the Head of the Government.

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