UN screens over recently kidnapped Gulenists in Ankara, media reports

The pair’s heads were bagged with black nylon bags as they were taken away, the eyewitness said.


The United Nations(UN) has reportedly started processing an appeal over the kidnapped Gulen followers who were taken from a house in central Altindag district of capital Ankara on February 13, Turkish news portal Medyabold reports.

The incident happened around 3 pm, and neighbours living around the house witnessed the incident, according to sources who spoke on condition of anonymity to Medyabold due to security concerns.

About 40 plainclothes policemen, according to the eyewitness, raided the homes of Ozgur Kaya, 41, and Yasin Ugan’s, 43, in Ankara’s Altindag district.

The pair’s heads were bagged with black nylon bags as they were taken away, the eyewitness said.

The kidnapped Gulenists’ families visited the police station as they believe plainclothes police officers kidnapped their husbands but the police said that they had not detained Kaya and Ugan.

Selda Ugan, the wife of kidnapped Yasin Ugan, has appeared in a video message to explain how her husband was kidnapped by many gunmen in plain clothes. In the video, she desperately appeals for help from authorities and says she has no idea as to the whereabouts of her husband.

“I am Selda Ugan. Yasin Ugan, my husband, was kidnapped with a plastic bag over his head by a crowded group of armed people who identified themselves as undercover policemen on Feb 13 on Wednesday, from an address in Altindag district of Ankara. It [the kidnapping] took place in the glare of publicity. Despite we have applied to Ankara Police Directorate many times since then, we have not been provided with any single information. I have no information about where and how he is. I and my children are too worried. I am calling out to the authorities, please help and provide us with information whereabout of him [my husband] and how he has been doing. Thank you,” Yasin Ugan’s desperate wife said in a message shared on social media.

UN accepted the application and asked for more information about the kidnapping 

Upon the kidnapping, the families of Ugan and Kaya submitted an application to Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Geneva, Switzerland on Thursday. OHCHR replied to families via email that they have received the application and started processing the appeal. Families told reporters that OHCHR asked them for more information about the incident.

The media reported that the UN is going to ask information from Turkey over the recent kidnapping as the families application to Ankara Police Headquarters were left unanswered.

Council of Europe reportedly investigates the MIT kidnappings

According to the findings of a research, dubbed #blacksitesturkey, published on December 11, 2018, which was conducted in close co-operation by nine media outlets from different countries, Turkish Intelligence (MIT) hijacks alleged Gulenists from abroad and also kidnaps them in Turkey to be taken to extrajudicial detainment centres.

According to an article on Correctiv’s website, Frederik Richter, a German investigative journalist and deputy editor of Correctiv, went to Strasbourg on the invitation of the Council of Europe in January to inform delegates from member states about the research, #blacksitesturkey.

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