HDP Campaign Bus Attacked in Izmir

The identity of the attackers could not be determined.


Few days ahead of local elections, unidentified attackers stoned and attacked a campaign vehicle of the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) in Izmir on Thursday, causing damages to the bus, local media reported.

In Izmir, the People’s Democratic Party (HDP)’s campaign bus was attacked by an unknown group with stones and bats, leaving it heavily damaged. It has been taken to police headquarters and an investigation was conducted on the incident. The identity of the attackers could not be determined.

The head of HDP’s Gaziemir District, Cahit Dogan, labeled the attack as “racist and barbarous” adding they were not surprised with such attacks against them anymore.

“We had been attacked barbarously and racially. An unidentified group hiding in a bus station suddenly attacked our campaign bus with stones and bats,” he detailed the incident and vowed:

“We are running our election campaigns as well as other parties. This is a competition and we are so in it. We attack no one. We keep our campaign as same as it is. These attacks and assaults will not stop us.”

He further announced that they would undertake legal measures.

Source: ipa


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