President introduced new Lviv RSA Head Markiyan Malsky

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy introduced new Lviv RSA Head Markiyan Malsky on July 6 in Lviv.


President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy introduced new Lviv RSA Head Markiyan Malsky on July 6 in Lviv.

During the conversation with opinion leaders and representatives of local authorities, the Head of State reminded that the residents of Lviv could elect a regional head among the three candidates in social networks.

In turn, Markiyan Malsky noted that the proposal to lead the region had been a surprise for him.

“However, we all have to work to make Ukraine a strong and powerful state,” he said. According to the new RSA Head, such important areas as medicine, education, science, road management will start working at a new level only when Ukraine is economically powerful.

Markiyan Malsky is hopeful for the support and efficient cooperation with volunteers, public activists and local deputies.

“The region has all the chances and is most ready to introduce the best European practices. We can be a platform for a variety of projects,” Markiyan Malsky said.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy asked the audience about the main problems and challenges facing the Lviv region, in particular, the problem of waste disposal and recycling in Lviv, as well as the labor migration of Ukrainians abroad.

The new RSA Head assured that a number of measures would be taken to stop the outflow of the working-age population, namely the improvement of working conditions and decent salaries.

“It is necessary to work on attracting investors who will consider Ukraine not only as a cheap labor nation,” Markiyan Malsky said.

According to him, companies raise salaries of their staff in order not to lose it. For its part, local authorities should focus on the social sphere, medicine, so that people do not have to look for better living conditions.

The Lviv RSA Head also emphasized the importance of creating business conditions. “Those who come back with money mostly face bureaucracy. And then we are surprised that we do not have them. That is why there is an understanding of the need to work on deregulation and de-shadowing,” he said.


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