VIDEO | Today on the 5th of October, we celebrate the International Teacher’s Day

Turkish teachers who have fled protest against repression by the Erdogan regime. Teachers in Turkey are in danger...


October 5 is World Teachers’ Day. The organizers of the protest are Broken Chalk Platform, Victim Educators Platform – two foundations for refugee teachers – and the Turkish-Dutch Foundation IPN (Integration & Participation Newcomers). They use this day to draw attention to Turkish teachers who have fallen victim to the repressive policy of Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Teachers are the most inspirational role models who have lifelong and significant influences on our lives.

The impact a teacher can have on an individual’s life is greater than that of parents or society. Actually, they are the ones who moulds parents, even societies.

Unfortunately,as a result of the human right violations taking place recently in Turkey, teachers have also been persecuted by not only being dismissed from their jobs, but also beingseparated from their students who were very dear to them.

In today’s Turkey, 65.000 teachers from public and private schools are forced to do physically demanding jobs such as working in construction and carrying heavy goods instead of educating their students in classroom. They have been left to starve and are facing civic death.

By presidential decrees, 33.237 public school teachers were dismissed from their jobs, 22.477 ones lost their teaching licences and 11.301 teachers were suspended with the accusation of supporting of terrorist organizations. Thus, leaving 1.511.200 students without teachers.

It would be only possible for the society to retrieve the situation by only rebuilding itself with the help of its own teachers.

As Victim Educators Platform, we are here to be the voice of these mistreated teachers, to raise global awareness about the issue and to continue our honourable fight.

We believe that whoever acts with cruelty is doomed and when this day comes, our teacher friends will continue from where they have left off as long as they are persistent and resolute.

Thousands of greetings to all our teachers who are in the throes of glorifying their generation.

Video exposes police negligence during heart attack of teacher tortured in custody



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