[VIDEO][PHOTO]Skirmish outside Turkish embassy in Kyiv over Syria operation

Police arrived at the scene.


There was a skirmish outside the Turkish embassy in Kyiv where a group of people was protesting against Turkey’s military operation in northern Syria, Hromadske has reported.

One of the organisers of the protest, Natalya Lunyo, said that several dozen people joined the event to protest against the Syria operation and the “genocide of Kurds”.

“We demand that Turkey stop its invasion in northern Syria. We demand that Turkey stop the war it has allegedly waged against terrorists. We demand the end to the elimination of Kurds,” Lunyo said.

During the protest, several people who came from the territory of the embassy attacked the activists and tore apart their posters. One of the protesters was hit in the face.

Police have arrived at the scene to check on the incident.

On 7 October, the US troops started pulling out of Syria, essentially leaving the Kurds, who have for several years fought against Islamic State militants together with Americans, alone. On 9 October, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that his troops launched Operation Peace Spring in northern Syria. The Syrian Kurdish government announced general mobilisation.

Photo: Natalya Luno
Video: Sofiya Lapina



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