Olena Zelenska got acquainted with the organization of school meals in Japan

"Having a nutritionist at school is very important and I would like to see it implemented in Ukraine as well," the President's wife said.


During the working visit of the President of Ukraine to Japan, the wife of the Head of State Olena Zelenska visited Kogai Elementary School where children from the first to the sixth grade study. She was met by the principal, staff and first-graders.

Olena Zelenska discussed with the school nutritionist the features of child nutrition in Japan. In particular, she was told that children are fed lunches at local schools, which, according to state standards, make up one-third of a child’s daily diet. Each school must have a nutritionist responsible for a balanced diet.

“Having a nutritionist at school is very important and I would like to see it implemented in Ukraine as well,” the President’s wife said.

A kitchen was demonstrated to the President’s wife as well: it is impossible to go there, because the kitchen has strict sanitary standards. Workers get inside in changed clothes and masks. Olena Zelenska was particularly interested in how children with allergies eat. Nutritionists consult parents of schoolchildren on individual food intolerance. At the beginning of each month, school staff sends parents a menu so that they can monitor their child’s nutrition.

The pupils have lunch in the classroom, and they are actively involved in the preparation and cleaning process: there are pupils on duty who distribute food and tidy up a school. It is the duty of every pupil as it cultivates discipline.

Olena Zelenska also attended physical education classes and learned that children are also involved in the process: they measure the performance of their classmates and record the results. It helps to feel responsibility and learn to care for others.


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