Amendments to the budget, penalties for burning grass and support for teachers: address by the Head of State to Ukrainians

The Great Construction project remains a priority. It will stimulate economic development and create thousands of new jobs in Ukraine.


I wish you good health, fellow Ukrainians!

You often write that we look tired. I think it’s because we are a little tired indeed. But not broken. Therefore, our fight against coronavirus continues.

Over the week, our planes deliver everything necessary from China and South Korea. Four planes have already arrived, four more are expected today and this weekend. The result of the weekly delivery will be the following: almost half a million respirators, 150,000 high-end disposable suits, 100,000 PCR tests and 200,000 reagents required for PCR testing. In addition, there are 20,000 protective glasses, 10 ventilators and 10 special boxes for transporting patients. As well as almost 10 million masks that will be available on the shelves of Ukrainian pharmacies.

In parallel, we are increasing our own production. This week, four thousand reusable protective suits made in Ukraine were shipped. We continue to produce almost one million masks every day. Among other things, an industrial line was delivered by plane from China to significantly accelerate the production of masks in Ukraine.

I also want to point out the important initiatives of the Government as regards amendments to the state budget. The Anti-coronavirus Fund will amount to UAH 66 billion.

These funds are aimed to significantly increase payments to doctors who counteract coronavirus. It also provides for the purchase of the necessary medical equipment and personal protective means. Payments to citizens of Ukraine who, due to quarantine, unfortunately lost their jobs. In addition, financial assistance to the families of the doctors who died from COVID-19. We want to insure the lives of all health workers involved in the fight against coronavirus.

Almost UAH 30 billion is allocated to our pensioners separately from the Fund. In particular, pension indexation and assistance in the amount of UAH 1,000. No hryvnia envisaged for the defense of Ukraine will be cut. All the reforms of the army, the purchase of modern weapons, the production of defense products will be continued.

The Great Construction project remains a priority. It will stimulate economic development and create thousands of new jobs in Ukraine.

Some of the important expenditures on regional development, support of agrarians, cultural fund, production of Ukrainian films and publishing of books, support of athletes, training of educational staff and reform of the New Ukrainian School were saved. No cuts are made to teachers’ salaries, student scholarships, and research expenses.

I would like to emphasize that some expenditures are, unfortunately, really reduced, but only temporarily. They will necessarily be returned after overcoming coronavirus.

All civil servants should tighten their belts. Starting from April, regardless of their rank and position, their salary does not exceed 47 thousand hryvnias. This applies to everyone: judges, MPs, prosecutors, NBU staff, CEC, and many other officials. The same restrictions apply to supervisory board members. Millions in wages and bonuses are a thing of the past.

All of these decisions are important and really prove the philosophy of the new government – it is the government for the people. I believe this will be supported by the Ukrainian Parliament, which will consider amendments to the state budget on Monday, April 13. I am sure that all the people’s deputies will stand on the side of Ukrainian doctors, pensioners, entrepreneurs and all Ukrainians who are in a difficult situation.

I am sure that all people’s deputies do care.

And in this context, I want to address those citizens who do not care. It is about those who burn grass in the 21st century causing terrible fires.

I will tell you what your “indifference” means in numbers. This year, the number of fires in natural ecosystems has increased by 30%. Your “indifference” means fires in the territory of 20 thousand hectares. This is four times more fires in Ukrainian forests. Because of your “indifference”, three and a half thousand people and one thousand vehicles of the State Emergency Service are engaged in fire fighting around the clock. The results of your “indifference” were even visible from NASA satellites.

I welcome the decision to increase the fines for burning drywood to UAH 6,000. At the same time, I suggest that the Parliament think about the possibility of a more severe criminal punishment for such thoughtless actions.

Separately, I want to support our teachers from the Nationwide Online School project. You are great! You have overcome the fear of television cameras and become teachers for the whole Ukraine in a short time. Millions of parents and pupils are grateful to you for having access to knowledge.

It is not a disaster to make a mistake. A disaster is to create nothing in your life except sewage. It is a disaster to be nobody and bolster self-esteem at the expense of humiliating other people.

I say this to every hater who felt it was his sacred duty to write offensive things to Ukrainian teachers. Teachers create almost 15 hours of educational content to our children every day.

Their lessons have millions of views on television and millions of views on the Internet. They are real people working not for money or fame, but answering the call of the heart. Haters also work answering the call of the heart. But the call of this heart is to insult, humiliate, destroy.

But they are a minority. And I am very happy that in our country most people do care.

Today, again, I want to thank them all. These are our doctors and pharmacists, our military and border guards, police and national guards, firefighters and rescuers, crews of planes and ships, drivers, cashiers and postmen.

And, of course, these are all conscious citizens of Ukraine who take care of themselves and their loved ones and continue to stay home for self-isolation.

We will surely overcome everything. And I look forward to the day when my appeal as regards the fight against coronavirus will consist of only one sentence: there are no sick and dead in Ukraine.

Keep well, fellow Ukrainians! I wish you 36.6!

Take care of ourselves! Save Ukraine!


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