Frankfurt mural honours victims of Hanau migrant bar shootings

The mural located under Frankfurt's Friedensbrücke, or Peace Bridge, arrives four months after the attacks.


The city of Frankfurt has unveiled a 27-metre-long mural honouring the victims of an attack on migrant bars in the German town of Hanau that killed nine people, including some migrants from Turkey, broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported.

The mural located under Frankfurt’s Friedensbrücke, or Peace Bridge, arrives four months after the attacks.

On Feb. 19, the attacker, named by German media as Tobias Rathjen, opened fire on two different hookah bars, killing at least five Turkish nationals, among others, before taking his own life and that of his mother’s. All of his victims, except his mother, had non-German roots.

“It is our task to maintain the memory of the murdered and to address racist conditions,” DW quoted Seda Ardal of the 19 February Hanau initiative, the artists’ collective responsible for the mural, as saying.

Çetin Gültekin, the brother of one of the victims who laid flowers at the mural, said the work would show the suffering that racism causes.

Gültekin accused political parties of deliberately inciting racism, pointing to Germany’s far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party as well as the U.S. Republican party.

Rathjen had published a 24-page manifesto online in which he called for the extermination of nonwhites and accused U.S. President Donald Trump of stealing his ideas.


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