What happens if you drink the Covid vaccine?

Now millions of doses have been administered across the world, the Covid-19 vaccine, its side effects and its effectiveness are a prime topic of conversation.


Bogus remedies, myths and fake news about the virus, which can cost lives, have been debunked time and time again as health experts continue to encourage vaccination uptake.

The vaccine has even triggered some spectacular, out-of-this-world theories, like the one that Bill Gates will use it to control the world.

But today we have come to one of the strangest suggestions of all – what would happen if a person drinks a Covid-19 vaccine?

Scientist Dr Karl Kruszelnicki has now revealed what would happen if a person drinks the liquid instead of having it injected into their arm.

Hopefully this is not a huge spoiler for anyone was actually considering it – as it would be a waste of a precious dose.

Dr Kruszelnicki, who appeared on the Triple M’s The Danny Lakey Show in Australia, was asked what would happen if a person drank the vaccine and what it would taste like.

The 73-year-old doctor, who is dubbed ‘the people’s scientist’, said: ‘The vaccine is optimised to work by a tiny amount of it being injected into the muscle and then various things happen there.

‘The vitamin is not that much, it is less than a mil, so I’m guessing on average, you could swallow it into your mouth, no worries, and it would go down into your esophagus, no worries.

‘In the stomach, the extreme acidity may very well break it down and destroy it.’

As well as not transforming you into Spider Man, Dr Kruszelnicki added the taste of it would depend on the individual jabs because there are so many.

He pointed out that while there are vaccines which are swallowed – including for polio – the health industry is moving towards vaccines administered via a spray.

He added: ‘We are now moving to vaccines that work where the centre of all the action is, the lungs.’

It comes after the beloved scientist took to TikTok to share an important message about the risk of dying from a Covid-19 vaccine compared to the disease itself.

‘One in a million is the odds of dying from the AstraZeneca vaccine,’ the expert said.

The vaccine has been linked to extremely rare blood clotting incidents but Dr Karl said the risk of dying in a road accident is still much higher at 40 deaths in a million.

According to the UK Research and Innovation, sponsored by the Government, although blood clots linked to the vaccine remain extremely rare there appears to be a higher risk in people shortly after the first dose of the AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine.

So far, around 10 people develop this condition for every million doses of AZ vaccine doses given, which amounts to 0.000001%.

In August, even reported that scientists leading research into the rare blood clots say they have seen no new cases of the potentially deadly syndrome in a month.



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