Diary of Winter Olympics 2018: Day Thirteen

Results, winners, losers, heroes and events of each day of the Olympic Games in PyeongChang


We can say that Thursday is ingloriously over for the National Team of Ukraine. Unfortunately, such situation is a tendency for Ukraine at 2018 Olympics.

The results of the day

National Team of Ukraine

Ivan Kovbasnyuk had the unsuccessful showing in the alpine skiing. He failed two races in the slalom and could not finish. Andre Myhrer from Sweden won the gold medal, Ramon Zenhaeusern from Switzerland got the silver medal and Michael Matt from Austria got the bronze medal.

Also, Ukraine did not succeed in the biathlon. We took the 11th place in the women’s 4x6km relay; however, Ukraine was the winner in this discipline at 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. This time Belarus won the gold medal, Sweden and France occupied the second and the third place.

The other results

The ladies’ alpine combined slalom took place in the alpine skiing. Michelle Gisin from Switzerland was the first, Mikaela Shiffrin from the US was the second and Wendy Holdener from Sweden was the third.

The men’s semi-finals took place in the curling. The results: Sweden – Switzerland: 9:3, Canada – the US: 3:5.

David Wise from the US won the gold medal in the men’s ski halfpipe in the freestyle skiing. American Alex Ferreira took the gold medal and Nico Porteous from New Zealand got the bronze medal.

The women gold medal game was played in the ice hockey. The US National Team won over Canada with the score 3:2.

The 4, 5km relay in the Nordic combined took place. The National Team of Germany took the first place, Norway is the second and Austria is the third.

Wu Dajing from China took the gold medal in the men’s 500m in the short track speed skating. Hwang Daeheon and Lim Hyojun from South Korea took the silver and the bronze medals.

Also, the final ladies’ 1000m and men’s 5000m relay took place. Suzanne Schulting from the Netherlands was the first among the women. Kim Boutin was the second and Arianna Fontana from Italy was the third. In the relay, Hungary won the gold medal, China and Canada took the silver and bronze medals.

Ladies’ Big Air finished in the snowboard. Anna Gasser from Austria got the gold medal. Jamie Anderson from the US won the silver medal and Australian Zoi Sadowski took the bronze medal.

The heroine of the day

Yuliia Dzhima, the Ukrainian athlete in the biathlon who held the best stage of today’s women’s relay. Unfortunately, her efforts were not enough for the medals.

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