Poroshenko said he made conclusions after first round of elections

At the same time, the president admitted the threat "to roll back under imperial Russia"


President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that he had made conclusions after the first round of presidential elections and “heard everyone.” He stated this in a video message posted in Telegram.

“Many people speak out against me on social networks and on television and at the ballot boxes. I heard everyone. Those who voted for me and those who supported other candidates. I made conclusions!”, Poroshenko said.

President noted that Ukraine is a free country of free people, and should remain like this.

“To do this, we need a strong president and supreme commander. We can quickly move to a strong Europe, but even faster we can roll back under imperial Russia. There is such a threat. I am glad that the number of people who want to help has increased these days. The choice of April 21 is – Europe or Russia “,  Poroshenko summed up.

The head of state also called on citizens who support the course of Ukraine to the European Union to consolidate and register on the specially created website

“Register. Call. Bring new allies. There should be more of us. Your support is needed right now,” said Poroshenko.


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