Rebecca Harms at Kyiv Pride

Rebecca Harms spoke about the "Populism and the challenge to liberal democracy"


Rebecca Harms, expert on Eastern Europe from the European Greens, participated this year in the Kyiv Pride, which took place on Sunday 23 June in Kyiv:

“It is good that Ukrainian activists have managed to establish the march for equal rights as a rally for freedom of assembly and pluralism. I welcome the fact that the National Police of Ukraine has consistently protected these fundamental rights in recent years”. The MEP stresses that this has also been made possible by the commitment of many diplomats and some politicians from Ukraine and the EU.

On the agenda of this last trip to Ukraine during her mandate as a Member of the European Parliament, Harms also met with politicians and civil society to dicuss current issues, including the upcoming parliamentary elections. On Friday morning, 21 June, she spoke at the conference “Pulse of Ukraine: Our Cities, Our Future” about “Populism and the challenge to liberal democracy”.

By Hafsa Erdogdu


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