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De Welt: Erdogan continues with his repressive policies and the EU is silent

The European Union remains silent on the policies of the president of the Turkish regime, the German newspaper Die Welt said


The German newspaper Die Welt that the European Union is still silent towards the policies of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan against his opponents.

What is striking is that the repression regime in Turkey suffers from cracks in its structure, especially after the series of electoral victories achieved by the opposition in local elections, which would be a decisive moment for Europe to support the forces of reform in Turkey … But the Europeans are acting silently towards this matter.

“Europe has surrendered to Erdogan on the refugee issue, and since then the Europeans have failed to free themselves from themselves and to protect their borders.”

On the other hand, the newspaper revealed that human rights NGOs in Europe sent five reports to the United Nations Human Rights Council, showing that the Turkish regime has abducted at least 31 opponents since the coup attempt in Turkey in July 2016 and sent them back to Turkey for trial.

The organizations pointed out that these opponents were tortured in the prisons of the Erdogan regime, which caused the death of 23 of them last year.

“Erdogan violates international law and his long arm has arrived in Europe,” said the Swiss Foundation for Education, Training and Integration, one of the reporting organizations, noting that there was a failed attempt by three agents of the Turkish intelligence service in 2016 to kidnap a Turkish-Swiss businessman from Zurich to Ankara. ”.

“The government of Erdogan does not fear kidnappings abroad and continues to do so. This insistence is reflected in statements by senior officials of this regime who confirm the pursuit of critics outside the borders of Turkey.”

“ Erdogan’s regime has kidnapped opponents from Malaysia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Gabon and Myanmar, while the Mongolian police prevented a kidnapping attempt in Mongolia in July 2018, ” she said.

On July 15, 2016, Turkey witnessed a coup attempt which Erdogan exploited to launch a massive reprisal campaign across the country in order to get rid of all opponents of his policies. The media right up to impose a state of emergency in the country.

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