Kyiv Mayor’s Report: Coronavirus Update

Klitschko said 12 new patients had been hospitalized, while the rest were self-isolating, undergoing treatment at home under the supervision of doctors.


The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Kyiv rose by 56 in the past day, Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko has reported.

Dear friends!
Over the past 24 hours there are new 137 coronavirus positive
cases registered in Kyiv. The number of coronavirus cases in
Kyiv has reached 2149. There is one more death, raising the
death toll to 43.
81 cases are associated with residents of Darnytsya residential
care facility for women. The source of the infection is a
member of staff who further transmitted the virus to 53
patients and 28 members of personnel. Now the facility is
quarantined as a coronavirus hotspot.
Nine more medical workers tested positive. New cases include
over 70 women (21-78 years old) and 21 men (30-80 years
old). 15 patients were admitted to hospitals. There are also 11
new recoveries, bringing their number to 200.
The high number of new cases emerged as a result of the May
holiday recklessness. I mean, all those picnics, gatherings and
non-compliance with the restriction rules.
Ten infected kids, including a one-month-old baby contracted
the virus in the playgrounds due to their parents’ negligence.
Let me remind that the playgrounds remain closed despite the
loosened restrictions.
Traffic volume in Kyiv remains very high, and as of May 18 we
are stepping up the efforts against the heavy-duty vehicles
entering the city. I also asked the police to reinforce their
control over such trucks which will be allowed into the city
from 7 -10 a.m. and 5-8 p.m. Such measures are aimed at
reducing the highway congestion during peak hours when
roads are clogged with cars. The ban will be in place until the
full restoration of public transport service.
Again I have to remind that all transport riders are required to
wear masks and gloves, keep the distance and follow the basic
health precautions. According to healthcare experts, public
transportation ridership accounts for over 30% of coronavirus
The Kyiv metro is using this lockdown time to make an
infrastructure upgrade, including replacement of lighting and
railway tracks, repairs of escalators and carriages, and HVAC
renovations. Two stations improve accessibility for passengers
with disabilities. Metro has introduced a special cleaning and
disinfecting routine асrоss the nеtwоrk which would be
enhanced after the reopening.
Kyiv continues to expand the city cycle network. Since the
beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, the number of people
who have switched from car to bicycle grew by 2.5 times. We
are committed to making Kyiv bicycle-friendly, so we will
further develop the cycling network, which is now almost 100
km long. The length of cycle paths along major public
transport lanes totals another 17 km. We are increasing the
number of cycle routes. All fully reconstructed streets
accommodate bicyclists. Nextbike, the Kyiv bike-sharing
program has also expanded its service. There are 350 dock
stations currently throughout the city, with the number of
bikes reaching 2,000 by this summer.
Let us take our health seriously! Keep yourself and your family
Vitali Klitschko


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