New Ukraine-Slovakia railway to connect Uzhhorod and Kosice

The new rail tracks will be extended to Prague; countries are discussing technical questions now


Slovakia plans to expand railway communication with Ukraine. The representatives of the country inspected infrastructure to launch a railway route Uzhhorod-Kosice. Tomas Kovac, the speaker of the Railways of Slovak Republic, said it in the interview for

He stated that there are two solutions to the problem for now.

Ukrzaliznytsia and Slovak Republic Railways are negotiating about launching the passenger border crossing point in destinations Matiovtse-Pavlovo and Kosice-Uzhhorod, with a further extension to Kyiv-Uzhhorod-Matiovtse-Kosice-Bratislava/Prague.

Slovak Rail, which constructs railroad infrastructure in the country joined the project.

The fact that the width of Ukrainian and Slovakian railroads are different should be considered, Kovac explained.

The first project presented by the countries is the construction of a special infrastructure in Matiovtse to adapt carriages to narrower rail tracks. Trains will arrive from Uzhhorod by wide tracks, then they will be moved on different rails and continue their way on European railroads.

Another option is to build 11 km of railways under European standards to Uzhhorod.

Slovak Republic Railways inspected the Matiovtse station and met with the representatives of the financial administration and the border police, Kovac stressed. “Negotiations between Slovak Rail and Railways of Slovak Republic that concern the construction of new infrastructure sections and the status of the Matiovtse-Pavlovo crossing point is the most significant thing for us now,” he said.

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