[Exclusive][Video] Uber Shuttle drivers get $3000 each month

Uber Shuttle is a minibus which not very know in Kyiv and other European countries.


On May 14, Uber announced the launch of the Uber Shuttle in Kyiv. The launch of the service in Kyiv is the first in Europe.

The Uber Shuttle option has been plugged into the existing Uber mobile application and is available from its pop-up menu from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. The list of routes and stops is also available in the app.

Prices for trips start from 15 UAH:

15 UAH for trips from 0 to 8 km;
20 UAH for trips from 8 to 12 km;
25 UAH for trips from 12 to 16 km;
30 UAH for trips over 16 km.

An Uber Shuttle driver told to one of our Ukrayna Haber services English correspondent that he starts to work at 7AM and that the work usually ends around 9PM. He told that when there is a lot of traffic he gets more rest but if there is no traffic then the rest is the same length as usual. They work with an app which tells them when to start and when to end.

By Hafsa Erdogdu


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