President about young leaders of UTC: Economic growth of the state requires a boost and for this purpose, responsible, intelligent managers are needed

The President noted that current politicians and executives need to learn the lessons of the past when the Ukrainian state was lost because of quarrels.


“I am convinced that a historic chance for changes that Ukraine has gained will be realized. Our duty is to unite all those ready to defend Ukraine,” President Petro Poroshenko said during a meeting of the Regional Development Council in Zaporizhia region.

The President noted that current politicians and executives need to learn the lessons of the past when the Ukrainian state was lost because of quarrels.

“When we are united, nothing is impossible for us … I am convinced that we will build Ukraine of prosperous communities – a great country of free, prosperous and happy people,” he added.

Petro Poroshenko said: “Today we have to believe and demand impossible from ourselves, from the whole team”.

The President especially noted that a lot of young, active leaders have emerged in Ukraine, working to build up their communities and the state as a whole. He noted that decentralization had contributed to this, allowing the realization of the initiative at the local level.

“And decentralization should become a mechanism for selecting and identifying leaders – engines, locomotives of changes. There are a lot of politicians in Ukraine, but few leaders. Both you and I know few people capable of taking responsibility, determining strategic goals and, above all, achieving these strategic goals,” Petro Poroshenko added.

“Therefore, we should carefully look at the young leaders of UTC. Not those who speak well in Kyiv, but those who build well at the local level, who care about the people. They arose and grew on the wave of decentralization,” the President said. He added that many active volunteers had joined the drafting and approval of the plans for the development of territorial communities.

“Undoubtedly, this candidates pool will appear at the national level in two or three years. I am convinced that young leaders are the new faces in politics that Ukrainians want to see. Not populists, not provocateurs, those who came not with PR technologies, but with an experience of real actions. This experience is needed by the communities, this experience is needed by Ukraine,” the President emphasized.

The Head of State noted that the economic growth in Ukraine had lasted for 12 consecutive quarters. “It is systemic and stable. But I want to emphasize that 3.4% achieved last year is not enough. This is not the pace that will accelerate our movement towards the EU and NATO,” he added.

“The state needs real economic acceleration. The economic growth requires a boost. To do this, we need responsible, intelligent managers ready to act on the principle: if you require the impossible, you will get the necessary,” he concluded.


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