Klitschko at the APP Assembly: Ukraine wants Europe to be united and powerful

Klitschko is attending the Congress which takes place in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria, on invitation of the Federal Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz.

As Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko has declared at the Austrian People’s Party Assembly, Ukraine wants Europe that has always been and continues to be an example of true democracy, to be united and powerful. Klitschko is attending the Congress which takes place in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria, on invitation of the Federal Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz.

According to the party congress organisers, “Vitali Klitschko is a model for an entire generation and is considered a big advocate of European idea and a bridge-builder outside the EU.”

“We are realists. We are conscious of the magnitude and variety of challenges facing the EU today. But we are interested in powerful and united Europe. Despite all problems Europe sets an example of true democracy for us,” stressed Vitali Klitschko addressing the Assembly.

He also remarked that a unity of both Austria and the European Union in imposing sanctions plays a significant role in curbing Russian aggression. “I want all Europeans to remember that Ukraine defends not only its independence but also its European choice, not only our shared democratic values but also Europe’s stability and security,” he emphasized. Klitschko added that five years ago in Maidan for the first time in the history lives have been sacrificed for European idea and people have lost their lives under the EU flags.

“European values are not just empty words or a slogan for us. Many EU citizens take them for granted, since these values are a part of their everyday reality,” stressed Klitschko. “Our painful experience of having lived under the Soviet regime, of having risen up against totalitarianism and now of opposing Russian aggression learn us to fight for democracy every day. We need to appreciate fruits of democracy in every country,” emphasized Vitali Klitschko.

He also noted that Association Agreement with the EU is the best road map for Ukraine’s reforms and transformation.

The Austrian People’s Party Assembly, held under the motto ‘Let’s get ready for Europe’ has brought together over 1300 participants. According to them, this year’s Congress, held shortly before European Parliament elections is of great political importance.

The Federal Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz voiced support for Ukraine and its European aspirations and thanked Vitali Klitschko for all his efforts in implementing European principles and values. He also remarked that the APP’s parliamentary election win in 2017 has become possible thanks to the support given by Vitali Klitschko who has star guested in the party’s assembly prior the elections. At that party gathering the former Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz was elected the APP chair.

The Austrian People’s Party was founded in 1945, and now with more than 600.000 members is the biggest party in Austria. The Chairman of the Party is Sebastian Kurz who became the Federal Chancellor of Austria in 2017. The Austrian People’s Party is the European People’s Party member party.


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