President: The stake in this year’s elections is whether Ukraine will be able to preserve real independence from Russia

The President also noted that in recent weeks it became clear that "patriotism and common sense of Ukrainians beats the parade of oligarchic political technologies in the information war".


President Petro Poroshenko stressed the historic importance of this year’s presidential and parliamentary elections. The Head of State said this during a speech at the meeting of the Regional Development Council of Prykarpattia held in Kolomyia.

“The Kremlin refuses to fulfill its international obligations – it does not comply with international agreements on free navigation in the Kerch Strait, on the return of Ukrainian sovereignty in Crimea. The Kremlin continues the hybrid war against Ukraine,” the President emphasized.

“I remind all of this on the eve of March 31. We need to see the true bet on these elections. Putin knows it very well and wants to blacken and dishonor in our eyes everything we did, split our unity,” Petro Poroshenko said.

“His messengers bear lies, hatred and discord. Some guests on the TV shows disguise themselves, exclaim patriotic slogans like “Glory to Ukraine!” and “Ukraine above all”. But the fact that they put on patriotic camouflage before voicing another fake statements made up in the Kremlin does not change their essence and purpose. On a slippery road they are stopped by neither common sense, nor elementary decency,” the President stressed.

The Head of State stressed that Ukrainians achieved a lot “thanks to the people’s trust, thanks to the heroism and labor of the people, thanks to the team efforts”. “But this is the beginning of the path to Ukraine’s true success. We must definitely continue to work, not let anyone destroy everything built, not risk our future,” he added.

“For this, we need to remind people over and over again about the stakes of the choice we have to make. And about the price of the mistake, too. Everybody knows the stakes of this year’s historic elections. Will we be able to preserve real independence from Russia? Can we resist the attempts of the Kremlin to conquer Ukraine again and make it, if not part, an empire satellite? Will Ukrainians allow the revenge of the pro-Russian forces and the victory of candidates comfortable for Russia in the presidential and parliament elections – both explicit and masked? Will Ukraine continue its path to the European Union and NATO? Because only being their full member can guarantee the independence and security of the state and the citizen,” Petro Poroshenko noted.

The Head of State added: “Putin is convinced that if his plan works, it will be possible to change the European and Euro-Atlantic course of Ukraine”.

“We are aware of the plans of Moscow concerning our elections. We are aware of them from the reports of the Ukrainian intelligence, from the data shared by the special services of our NATO partners,” the Head of State added. “We have gone far along the European path. Each of our steps is a defeat of Putin, a confidence in our strength, a respect for Ukraine by our partners and allies. In the next five years of implementing my plan Ukraine will come close to the membership in the European Union and NATO. In the next five years, we will definitely pass the point of no return in the past – in the Soviet Union or the Russian Empire,” the President emphasized.

“Did Putin agree on this, did he accept that over these five years we have been systematically ruining all his plans? Exactly not, because there are his divisions on the border with Ukraine, ready to invade,” the Head of State said.

According to him, after the illegal annexation of Crimea, after the aggression against our state in the east, we must treat this threat seriously. “Putin will not agree, because every day there are shelling and provocations on the frontline. Heavy bombardments, because yesterday evening and today we lost Ukrainian soldiers. Despite the fact that our rebuff is very decisive and the enemy paid for it,” Petro Poroshenko said.

The President also noted that in recent weeks it became clear that “patriotism and common sense of Ukrainians beats the parade of oligarchic political technologies in the information war”.

“Therefore, the Kremlin commanded to resort to violent provocations. They obviously want to transform the election campaign into street clashes. The Kremlin is in desperate need of the Ukrainian blood. This is a scenario of not winning the elections, but disrupting them. And this is definitely not a Ukrainian scenario,” he stressed.

“Our Ukrainian scenario is to hold a transparent and fair electoral process, to ensure an honest and transparent vote counting,” Petro Poroshenko emphasized.


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