President urged not to repeat the mistakes of the past, when the loss of Ukrainian unity led to the loss of statehood

"Ukrainians understand how high the stakes are in the elections," the President said and recalled the difficult times of 2014, when Ukraine and Ukrainians withstood.


During a meeting with students and professors of the National University of Bioresources and Environmental Management of Ukraine, President Petro Poroshenko emphasized that the unity of Ukrainians in the last five years had given us a chance for a European future. At the same time, he noted that we had had such chances 100 years ago, but they had been lost.

“The national liberation struggle of 1917-1922. Then the Lord also gave us this chance. Moreover, in 1918, Ukraine and Poland appealed to the Ecumenical Patriarchate for autocephaly for an independent church. In 1918, both states had absolutely the same grounds to achieve the result. In 1924, Poland received autocephaly and Ukraine did not. Why? Because such a state as Ukraine no longer existed in 1924. Poland existed and we did not. Because the elite and the nation united in Poland, and in Ukraine, the elite was engaged in mutual struggle,” the President noted.

“Instead of defending the country from the Muscovites, they sought, as it is now called, “information technology” to undermine unity and stability of the country from within and run to the Muscovites to be the first to give up the state,” Petro Poroshenko recalled.

The Head of State also noted that after 1918, due to the loss of statehood, Ukraine had suffered a number of tragedies and a large number of victims: “1932-33 – Holodomor. The price paid by my people. Almost nobody suffered among the leaders on which everything depended. They went to Berlin, Paris to write memoirs. And millions of Ukrainians gave up their lives, were murdered and killed by famine”. The President also recalled the times of the Red Terror, deportation, post-war famine, repression and persecution of the sixties. “The main thing is that seven generations of Ukrainians were deprived of the future,” Petro Poroshenko said and warned against the attempts by the aggressor country and its fifth column to undermine our unity by the “Moscow’s lies flooding from the oligarchic TV channels”.

At the same time, the Head of State expressed confidence that “Ukrainians are a responsible nation that will not allow to deceive themselves”. “Ukrainians understand how high the stakes are in the elections,” the President said and recalled the difficult times of 2014, when Ukraine and Ukrainians withstood.


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