Investments will be secured and production development will be continued – President in Kyiv region

The President once again stressed that the main course of the state is the EU and NATO.


In the framework of the working visit to Kyiv region, President Petro Poroshenko visited the newly constructed metal galvanizing plant of “Metalohalva Ukraine” LLC. The Head of State got acquainted with the work of the enterprise and communicated with the staff.

According to him, investors who came here and invested millions of dollars are confident that there will be demand for production in Ukraine. “The objects of electricity grids will be developed, construction will be developed, there will be reliable galvanized parts manufactured by you. And investments in the state will grow,” the Head of State said.

“These are new jobs, this is a salary,” Petro Poroshenko added, noting that the average wage at the enterprise is now just over 12 thousand hryvnias. “But we agreed that it would grow. It will be fair,” he said.

“Business believes in Ukraine. Business knows that the growth of investment that is taking place will definitely be protected. Business will be protected from corruption, from the pressure of law enforcement agencies, from ineffective management,” the President noted.

“I firmly believe that investments and production development will be continued,” he said.

The President once again stressed that the main course of the state is the EU and NATO. “The course for increasing democracy and protecting people. This is the key position,” he said.

The President also recalled the decision on monetization of subsidies. “At the expense of such enterprises, such investments. Over the past five years, 207 plants have been built from scratch, including 86 plants built in 2018. And I am very grateful that the owners, managers, local and state authorities do everything to create such enterprises, create jobs,” Petro Poroshenko said.


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