On board of Hetman Sahaidachny frigate, Maryna Poroshenko and Ukrainian students held a rally in support of captive sailors

President’s wife Maryna Poroshenko made a working visit to Odesa region.


President’s wife Maryna Poroshenko made a working visit to Odesa region. The First Lady took part in a student rally in support of captive sailors taking place in Odesa seaport on board of Hetman Sahaidachny frigate.

During the rally, the Ukrainian students appealed to the youth from all over the world to “be courageous and take an active civic stance that will save lives”. In a letter, the students also urged: “Do everything possible for the release of 24 Ukrainian prisoners of war. Every action, every step will help liberate the Ukrainian prisoners of war”.

The Ukrainian youth also asked the wife of the President of Ukraine to send letters to 24 Ukrainian sailors captured as a result of the armed aggression by the Russian Federation on November 25, 2018. The First Lady promised to facilitate this through the diplomatic mission of Ukraine to Russia.

“Today, we once again demand Russia to immediately release all of our 24 prisoners of war, release 3 captured Ukrainian warships, ensure free navigation in the Sea of Azov and provide access for the international humanitarian institutions, including the International Committee of the Red Cross, to the Ukrainian servicemen,” Maryna Poroshenko said.


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