Ukraine and Germany never had such an intensive dialogue, as today – President

President Petro Poroshenko says that Ukraine and Germany have an intensive dialogue and cooperation.


President Petro Poroshenko says that Ukraine and Germany have an intensive dialogue and cooperation.

“This is already our 16th meeting in the time of my tenure. And I want to emphasize that Ukraine and Germany have never had such an intensive dialogue, we have worked out a truly strategic partnership between Kyiv and Berlin,” the Head of State said during a conversation with journalists in Berlin.

He thanked the Chancellor of Germany for today’s sincere, constructive meeting that took place in her office. Also, Petro Poroshenko noted the role of Angela Merkel in advocating for the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine and supporting the reforms.

“Ukrainian people really appreciate a very important fact that you, Mrs. Chancellor keep abreast of the events in Ukraine. This is a position of a true partner and friend,” the President stated.

The Head of State also noted the assistance of Germany in carrying out reforms. “You know that one of the most successful reforms in Ukraine was the decentralization reform. We brought power closer to the people. We made power more efficient, use of money more efficient. And, Mrs. Chancellor, I would like to thank Mr. Georg Milbradt, Special Envoy of the German Government on decentralization. I would like to emphasize that he works extremely well in Ukraine and that German experience today helps us a lot,” he said.

The President also thanked for the support of IDPs in Ukraine: “For the signal of our country’s support was the decision of the German government, and, Mrs. Chancellor, I thank you for this, to allocate additional almost EUR 85 million to the accommodation of IDPs. This was Mrs. Chancellor’s response to my request, and I am very grateful that both the Ukrainian and German governments care for the people who were forced to leave their homes as a result of the war. This is extremely important,” Petro Poroshenko noted.

According to Angela Merkel, if we look at the economic transformations of recent years, the situation with finance several years ago and compare it with the situation today – it is different. “We have stability, we have confidence in Ukraine in the international financial markets. This is a tremendous progress,” she said.

“But the Ukrainian people sacrificed for this. One cannot forget about it. The transition to a market economy, to abandonment of subsidies, artificially undervalued HCS tariffs was also a sacrifice and courage of the people,” the German Chancellor added.

“I want to thank the Ukrainian people. The visa-free regime has also become an important signal for the people in Ukraine. We want to continue to cooperate in this spirit … We will work for the positive development of Ukraine,” Angela Merkel assured.

She said she was very glad to once again welcome President Poroshenko in Berlin. “In recent years, we have built a very close relationship regarding cooperation with Ukraine in difficult conditions, in difficult times of the last five years. We have always said that we support Ukraine, especially as regards its territorial integrity, which includes Crimea, as well as the regions occupied by separatists,” the German Chancellor stressed.

“And we have always highly valued the courage of the Ukrainian people and appreciate what happened in 2013-2014, when the people showed their courage. The fact that they support democracy and were ready to embark on this difficult journey and embody these democratic changes that are a complex process,” Angela Merkel noted.


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